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League Of Women Voters Responses

1. Why are you running for office?

I am running for office because I want to serve my community through supporting the district in improving educational experiences and outcomes for all children. With over 14 years of local and international teaching and school leadership experience, I have strong convictions about the role of public education in shaping healthy communities. I am a strong believer in service and civic engagement. Throughout my life I've been committed to giving back to my community. As a long term resident of Wheaton and a graduate of Wheaton North High School, and with four children currently enrolled in the district, I bring a depth of insight into the unique strengths and opportunities of our community, and I believe I have a compelling vision of where we can go from here.

2. What talents and skill do you bring to the office?

The professional skill sets that I bring to the office include finance and accounting skills, data analytics, conflict mediation, educational research, and resource mobilization. My personal talents and skills include that I am visionary, strategic, creative, thoughtful, relational, and driven and I have strong administrative skills. I engage collaboratively, communicate effectively, listen respectfully, and work diligently. I also bring a wide range of educational leadership perspectives because of my experiences teaching and leading schools both in the US and abroad. I am a genuine and honest educational leader with strong convictions about the role of public education for building healthy, thriving communities. I am also a professional educator so I bring a wide range of skills related to school leadership including curriculum development, health and safety regulations, and teacher training.

3. What are your top 3 priorities should you be elected?

Promoting Diversity and Equity

Advancing Social-Emotional Learning and Civic Engagement

Maintaining Fiscal Transparency and Accountability

4. List any community involvement

Volunteer tutor and art teacher at By the Hand in Chicago

Built the EDEN Community Library in Ghana

Member of the immigration activist group 6000Moms

Member of the Citizens Advisory Committee

5. What else would you like voters to know?

I am dedicated to maintaining the established nonpartisan role of the school board member as I believe that drawing polarizing political views into local school governance does not contribute to supporting quality public education. As such, my responses to questions may at times sound non-committal to any particular political agenda. I maintain this posture because I contest over-simplification or hyper-generalization and I believe that every decision should be research-based, data-driven and contextualized to the precise opportunities and constraints at the time. There are no easy answers to complex decisions and certainly no short cuts to strengthening public education. For example, at times, tax increases will be necessary. At other times, cost reductions will be required. I believe that dialogue and a return to civility is critical in our contemporary social climate. I believe school leaders, including the school board, should model this.

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